For Coaches and Athletes serious about developing strength

You are most likely on this page because you have seen how strong and focused the Serious Strength Academy athletes are, and you are ready to take the next step in your own strength journey.

You might already on a program that is not meeting your expectations, or you know you are capable of achieving more but you have hit a plateau.

Over the last 5 years I’ve helped 100s of men build serious strength, educated them on the best nutritional plan for strength and performance, to compete in high level competitions and build an unstoppable mindset.

No matter how many generic programmes you may have tried with poor results, I am here `to help you build the best training plan, nutrition protocol and lifestyle changes to be the athlete that you want to be.

All you need to do is fill out the application form below. We will arrange a time to speak on the phone and if you are a good fit for the academy, we will arrange a start date.

Look forward to speaking to you.



✔  Men between the ages of 18-40 who are committed to working hard and are ready for a new challenge.

✔  Men who are coachable and ready to learn new systems to progress to be the athlete they want to be.

✔  Men who are ready for a personal approach to their training, whilst being part of a community.


Lazy people who are happy to be average

Men who aren’t committed to develop further in the strength world

People who waste time and aren’t willing to invest ion themselves.


Tailored one to one online coaching for strongmen athletes who want to up their game, strength coaches who want to learn more, or intermediate lifters who wants to train like an athlete.

Being part of the academy, you also have access to:

A- PESORNALISED PROGRAMME - Weekly updated programme specific to your needs.

B- ACCOUNATBILITY AND SUPPORT - Weekly check for personal support and plan the focus for the week with Dean.

C- CUSTOMIZED LIFESTYLE PLAN - initial zoom call to plan your nutrition, recovery and mindset protocols (these will then be picked up on your weekly check-ins)

D- COMMUNITY - Quarterly meet ups at Serious Strength Gym. These are for serious strength athletes to get together as a community, learn from each other, train together and then go for a meal afterwards.

E- EDUCATION – Access to Strength in your Pocket membership site, with tones of information to help educate you on everything you need to know to become a successful athlete.

F- VIDEO TUTORIALS – Full breakdown of each exercise, to be able to study the movement patterns for what is needed.

All these resources are available on our easily accessible, fully responsive, membership site together with a host of other instructional material to help your development. Regularly updated content based on athlete feedback and coaches observations. Here is some of the bonus content in the Lab.




SSA is by far the best gym & programming system I’ve used; I’ve gained so much strength since starting about 2 months ago! My biggest achievements so far are a 220kg trap bar deadlift, 77.5kg log press and 105kg atlas stone!

Since working with Dean at SSA I feel like I’ve started to unlock my full potential and grow as an all-round athlete.

Dean has helped me push my body in ways I didn’t know I could. Every workout has a focus, and every workout destroys me. To anyone unsure about taking the plunge and accepting help, or dubious of online training, I would say do it. It’s been the best decision I have made.

Thanks to high level coaching, I now understand how my body reacts to certain methods and foods to perform at my best. Being on a programme with methodology and goals gives me the drive to stay consistent in my training. The environment is friendly, and I have gained valuable knowledge from athletes that have/do complete at elite levels, you don’t find that in a standard gym.

Working with Dean, I’ve gone from a 100kg squat to now hitting 200kg. A 150kg deadlift, to a 225kg deadlift. I’ve learned so much from working with Dean, and I can’t wait to continue to improve on my S.B.D and be in the best shape of my life.


Phone consultation with Dean to review every aspect of your training, lifestyle and nutrition and agree on a plan to take you to your goals.

Lock and load call once we have all the information we need about you.  In this call we will deliver your nutritional, training, recovery, and supplement plan.  You are set to go.

Your program will be available by TrueCoach, and you will be required to upload videos of your lifts and comments.  These will be reviewed by your coach weekly and adjusted as required to assist your progress.

If you don’t feel you are ready but want an insight it to the kind of content we deliver to our athletes why not sign up to our next workshop!