Thank You!


SSA is by far the best gym & programming system I’ve used; I’ve gained so much strength since starting about 2 months ago! My biggest achievements so far are a 220kg trap bar deadlift, 77.5kg log press and 105kg atlas stone!

Since working with Dean at SSA I feel like I’ve started to unlock my full potential and grow as an all-round athlete.

Dean has helped me push my body in ways I didn’t know I could. Every workout has a focus, and every workout destroys me. To anyone unsure about taking the plunge and accepting help, or dubious of online training, I would say do it. It’s been the best decision I have made.

Thanks to high level coaching, I now understand how my body reacts to certain methods and foods to perform at my best. Being on a programme with methodology and goals gives me the drive to stay consistent in my training. The environment is friendly, and I have gained valuable knowledge from athletes that have/do complete at elite levels, you don’t find that in a standard gym.

Working with Dean, I’ve gone from a 100kg squat to now hitting 200kg. A 150kg deadlift, to a 225kg deadlift. I’ve learned so much from working with Dean, and I can’t wait to continue to improve on my S.B.D and be in the best shape of my life.